Maiden Voyage for Sea Post Press

Sea Post Press is a new and exciting student publishing project that is based in Falmouth. The Press was started by 3rd year English & Writing students Yusef Sacoor, Holly King, Teige Maddison, James Kaffenberger and Jasmine Goodger, with the mission of supporting Falmouth’s amazing writing community.

We created Sea Post Press out of a desire to do something positive with our time, to really be able to use the skills we have learned throughout our degrees and be able to show off the amazing work of our peers, and others around the UK.
— Jas Goodger, 3rd year

So far this group has published two volumes of Zoo Zine, which has been a great success. Zoo Zine is a zine inspired by Word Zoo, a poetry night that is held at Chintz in Falmouth. 

The team behind Sea Post Press have the ultimate aim of publishing quality poetry and prose, and providing a new way for Falmouth’s talented artists to be read.

The best way for students to get involved in with the Press is to submit your work. Please send submissions of poetry or prose to

by Honeysuckle Troubridge