Staff Research: Deep Time and Human Resilience

Along with being Head of School, Dr Niamh Downing is also an interdisciplinary researcher, and is currently working on a project that engages landscape change, deep (geological) time, and human resilience. 

"Orkney: Beside the Ocean of Time" is an 18-month AHRC funded project, aimed at using holistic methods of cultural research to better understand the interrelationship between human community, Deep Time and landscape change. 

We’re interested in whether engaging with concepts of deep time helps us to better adapt to landscape change.
— Niamh Downing

Niamh is leading a project team consisting of researchers from Brunel, Cambridge, UCL and Glasgow, from fields as diverse as Archaeology, Palaeoecology and Geology.

In April 2017, the team will be running a public festival of deep time in Orkney.

Listen to this piece about the project on Radio Orkney.

To stay apprised of happenings with the project, you can follow @OrkneyDeepTime on Twitter.