Nest: Letter Fourteen

Dear Santa Claus,

            I am writing to you cos I wanted to say thank you. This year I was going to ask you to return my very poorly Mummy and Daddy for Christmas cos their skin had gone grey and cold. It made me very sad cos we could not go to the park and I could not have warm hugs.

            Yesterday I woke up and Granma was screaming and shouting in the kitchin, saying GET OUT! GET OUT!! But when I went down stares it was just Mummy and Daddy standing there in the kitchin. They were still grey and cold, but they were breathing all weezy. They knew exactly where to go. When I walked in I ran up and hugged them both and it felt like Christmas already. It made me very happy.

            You did bring them here, dint you?

            Since they got here, they have started to walk about the house really slowly. Its like they are human turtles that make sounds like gravel when they move. At least they are moving now but I do not think they could chase me round the park yet. I will let them get better for a bit longer before trying again. My Mummy used to like to talk lots and sing when she baked but now she is quiet. She looks sad but her face doesn’t move. Could you get her voice back please?

This morning I woke up and both my Mummy and Daddy were standing in my room, watching over me and stareing at me. It was really nice like were a normal family again. They even had their arms out to hug me! Sadly, I could not find Granma this morning. Maybe she has gone to the shops or to see Uncle Peter again? Maybe she has gone to see the other grey people cos I can see them through the window. They are walking through the street again, I think they its cos they don’t like the church garden any more. Now that the man from next door is back I think he should say sorry to my Mummy for being very mean and shouting at her weeks and weeks ago.

Right now I am in the living room watching the telly and I can hear Mummy and Daddy coming down the stares. Thank you again. I must have been a really good boy this year to get such a big present so so early in the year before Christmas.


Love from George.

Age 8.

Berthalan Lane in Sanetives.


P.S. Please remember to put Mummy and Daddy back on your Nawty and Nice list.

by Dan Hunt

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