How has climate change affected you? Call for Interest for a special FalWriting series

‘The Green Line’ is an exciting opportunity for current students and alumni to express your experience with the ongoing climate change crisis and get published on the FalWriting.

The project will consist on a series of creative and critical pieces detailing our personal experience with the climate change crisis. ‘The Green Line’ aims to raise awareness about how the crisis affects our choices, emotions, day to day life and thoughts about the future.

The climate crisis, now more than ever, is something that affects almost every person on the planet. How has this crisis affected you?

We are interested in hearing your take on the current debate and how it has affected you. We are open to opinions from any side of the debate.

How can you take part, you wonder?

Send in your brief detailing your experience with climate change and how would you like to write it. We are looking for short 50-word pitches detailing what you would like to explore, whether it’s critical or creative, and what form you will write it in. (see example below)

Example of pitch

Four years ago, I challenged myself into becoming a vegetarian to investigate if I could make this personal contribution to the climate crisis. Coming from a meat-eating culture, this was a difficult challenge. In this creative non-fiction piece, I will explore this process, its difficulties and the results.

Word count

  • Short fiction – Between 500 and 1500 words

  • Articles/Interviews – Between 1000 and 1500 words

  • Poetry - Up to 3 poems

  • Critical small essays – Up to 1500 words

Possible topics to include

(these are just some examples, feel free to explore your own topics if it fits the brief)

  • Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

  • Recycling

  • Participating in strikes/demonstrations

  • Ethical clothes shopping

  • Effects on mental health

  • Transport choices

  • Response to media coverage

  • The plastic debate

Who can apply? Current students and Alumni of Falmouth University.


  • 14th of October at 12pm for the pitches

  • We will commission people the following day

  • The submission deadline for the piece will be 4th of November

We will let you know whether your pitch has been successful or not. Unfortunately we cannot provide feedback upon rejected pitches at this stage.

Where to submit: Please send us your documents at

For more information feel free to contact us at

 by The Green Line