Meet the National Trust Project Team, the 7th team in our student-led collaborative project series

Seren, Hope and Hannah

Seren, Hope and Hannah

Our 3rd years are leading original collaborative projects

This term, our third-year students are hard at work with a range of collaborative projects, including The Pompeii Project, The Wandering Heath, Re: Collective, For Book’s Sake and Sleepeeps. These student-led projects are part of a new module where they consider the writer’s role as part of a creative eco-system, and literature’s role in the creative economy through working on a collaborative project.

On our seventh interview, we talked to the National Trust Project about their experience so far.

Define what The National Trust Publishing Project is about

Hannah: Falmouth University and the National Trust have been working together for the last three years to create a book. Previous works have been a short story by Wyl Menmuir and a collection of poetry by Holly Corfield Carr. Each piece is based around the site of the annual South West Outdoors Festival, which this year will take place at Loe, Helston. The book will be a short story by Xan Brooks.


Why did you choose this project?   

Seren: I chose it because I knew that it would be a challenging project that would stretch my creativity and help me learn new skills in the world of publishing.

Hope: I chose this project as I felt it would be the most interesting, but would also give me some real world experience of what the publishing process is like.


Why did you decide to do this for your collaborative project and what do you want to gain?

Hannah: I’m hoping to go into a career in publishing after University so this project will allow me to explore the different areas in publishing while also building on skills I will need to carry forward with me.  

Seren: I like the fact that on this project I will be able to gain practical experience working in the publishing world, and learn things I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to before, like how book printing works.

Hope: I’m not quite sure as of yet what I want to gain, I guess I’m waiting for that moment of realisation when I can say I helped publish a book. As for why I decided this was the project for me, I wanted some experience of the world that we will no doubt all be a part of, before we get launched head first into it.


What are you most excited about?

Hannah: I’m most exciting about seeing the final product, our finished book.

Seren: I’m most excited to work with Xan and being a part of the process to help create the book.

Hope: I agree with Hannah, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

What is next for your project?

Seren: After this term our next steps will be to read over Xan’s first draft and to help select an illustrator for the book.

Are you interested in the National Trust Project?

You can find out more about this project by getting in touch with the team on Twitter. Follow Seren.

 by the Falwriting team