Digital Archive Associate Scheme: Opportunity for 3rd Year Students


Apples and Snakes are inviting applications for their Digital Archive Associate Scheme. It runs from October to May/June and is designed to offer students real world experience whilst supporting them with their final year project or dissertation. This year they are offering specific placements for Literature students, Archive students and Digital Media Production students.

The criteria are as follows:

  • You are a final year student
  • You are interested in Spoken Word
  • You are interested in developing a project on:
    • The relationship between politics and Spoken Word in the late 1980s and early 1990s
    • Female Spoken Word artists of the early 21st Century
    • The relationship between punk poetry and grime Feel free to propose a different research focus relating to Spoken Word and the time period 1982-2017

Work may include:

  • Spending two days in the London office being inducted to the programme and digitising any material relevant to your studies that aren’t already digitised (Apples and Snakes will cover the cost of travel to and from the office for the induction day and one further visit during the scheme)
  • Writing features for the website
  • Writing mini biographies on the poets you are researching
  • Tagging content on the archive website
  • Spending time cataloguing to British Library standards
  • Editing Audio Clips relating to your research
  • Editing video clips relating to your research

Upon completion of the Digital Archive Associate Scheme Apples and Snakes will provide certification of your participation and a reference to support with your future job applications. The Digital Archive Associate Scheme will be open to applications from August 14th - September 21st. Selected students will know they have a place on the scheme no later than September 30th. To apply please send a one-page CV and a one or two page covering letter detailing your reasons for applying for the scheme and what you hope to gain from participating on the scheme.

Please email Fiona Simpson to apply or if you have any questions or queries: