Summer Brain Food: Nutritious, Delicious, and Totally FREE


Free stuff to keep your mind active this summer. 


Well done to all of our amazing students who got their final assessments handed in this week, who are all but finished and handing in next week, and particularly to those third years who continue to slave away on their dissertations. You're almost there!

Hopefully you’ll all be getting some well deserved R&R over the coming weeks. However, if you're one of those who gets bored easily, and/or you want to keep your intellect in shape during the off season, we put together a few resources for just that purpose. (Well, actually other people put theme together, but we're sharing them in a tidy list at least.)

Here's stuff you can do for free, at your leisure, and mostly on your mobile devices (ie. at the beach) this summer, if your heart desires:

  • iTunes University – free podcast/video courses on tons of stuff, including many topics within English literature and several in creative writing. Available to anyone with iTunes.


  • Coursera – free distance learning modules on a variety of topics, including creative writing and philosophy.


  • FutureLearn – free distance learning modules on a variety of topics, including fiction writing, screen writing, digital literature and Shakespeare.


  • OpenCulture – 900+ free audiobooks and access to videos of lectures on hundreds of topics.


  • FalWriting – keep your writing skills up by writing a piece for us this summer. Pitch a topic or just get in touch saying you’re interested.

by Danielle Barrios-O'Neill