The Lighthouse Launch

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative.

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative.

It’s official! This is history in the making! In years to come, the great names of journalism and literature will look back on their student days in The Lighthouse with warmth and pride. Our Lighthouse is a fully-fledged creative space where all kinds of loveliness *will* happen.  This is a room for creativity, games, discussion and lounging with mugs of tea. It’s a place for students past and present, staff and friends, and we are very proud to declare it open!

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

The Lighthouse Launched

Last week, The Lighthouse launch kicked off its two-day celebration with a series of alumni workshops. Alumnus and radio presenter James Dundon, shared his experience as a radio presenter and gave attendees tips on how to break into the industry. Writer Ray Slater-Berry opened students’ minds to a pathway to publication that would work for them. Later, we invited alumni and friends of the department to come and celebrate stage one in the official inauguration of the space. 

Photos by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

Director of the School of Communications Professor Paul Springer, described to visitors how the original ideas for a communal space have grown into life over the course of the year.

‘It all started with the idea of creating a space for students with a “gentleman’s club” look’
— Professor Paul Springer

This vision, along with the ideas and feedback from staff, students and visitors alike, has gradually developed The Lighthouse into what it is today.  

Head of Writing and Journalism Dr Jennifer Young, gave a heartfelt and warm speech, during which she read The Lighthouse Statement, a friendly ‘user guide’ to this new creative space written by our very own Craig Barr-Green. Journalism Course Leader Andy Chatfield, played a montage of impressive (and emotional) student documentaries. Poet and alumnus Jamie Andrews caused belly laughs and blushes with his rather naughty set.

Photos by©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

The following day, we welcomed two more alumnae to give workshops. 2018 graduate Lydia Hounat led a session on processing trauma and pain through experimental writing. 2019 graduate Adriana Ciontea shared her crafting skills during a bookbinding workshop. 


Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

 The Lighthouse donned its best attire that evening for an altogether smarter affair, with mood lighting, a small stage and fabulously orange cocktails. Guests included comedian Helen Lederer, creative director for Port Eliot festival and all round literary guru, Colin Midson, novelist Emily Barr-Green and Falmouth University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Anne Carlisle. We welcomed two alumni to read excerpts from their work; Ray Slater-Berry gave an emotional reading from his debut novel, Golden Boy. Alumna, novelist, and new lecturer to the department, Chelsey Flood, read from her novel Night Wanderers

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

The Lighthouse Statement

Welcome to The Lighthouse

This room is the heart of Writing and Journalism at Falmouth. You are its heartbeat.

In this room we celebrate what has been written, what is being written, and what will be written tomorrow.

In this room there will always be a space just for you. Your voice will always be heard. It’s a place to listen and to talk, offload and pitch in.

Come here to tell stories and to find the news. Pick up a book, or paper or a mag. Read them. Talk about them. Pose with them, if you like (everyone looks better with words in their hands and that’s just a fact).

Come here to feel at home. Relax. Slump. Sprawl. Breathe. Come here to cheer/curse the seagulls. Come here to be respected and to give respect.

This room is a lifelong invitation. 

Wherever your journey may take you, The Lighthouse will always be here, at the top of the hill, waiting to welcome you back.

By Craig Barr-Green

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

Photo by ©Bella Bunce/Mayn Creative

You can follow the goings on in The Lighthouse on its new Twitter account.

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