Woodlane Windows Series: Leanne Ingram & Nelida Taque Nanque⁣ and Rupert Loydell

In this new series, a group of writers from our School of Writing and Journalism react to new work by Falmouth’s Fine Arts students as it is exhibited in the windows of the Rosehill building on Woodlane Avenue.

This third installment brings the work of artists Leanne Ingram & Nelida Taque Nanque and poet Rupert Loydell together as Rupert responds to Leanne’s and Nelida’s What Concerns You? as exhibited in the Woodlane Windows on the first week of April this year.

⁣What Concerns You?⁣ by Leanne Ingram & Nelida Taque Nanque



How far away everything is.

How the seasons come and go.

How we cannot undo time.

All the poems waiting to be written.

All the poems wanting to be written.

Unused words on unwashed windows.

by Rupert Loydell

About Woodlane Windows

Woodlane Windows is an initiative by Fine Art students from Falmouth University to present new work in Woodlane Campus. Currently there are three exhibition spaces: three windows in the Rosehill building which face Woodlane Avenue. The work is curated and created by students. Selections are made fortnightly and displays change weekly.

This initiative makes new work available to pedestrians and our Falmouth Community. You can find previous work and keep up to date with this project by following the Woodlane Windows instagram.