Staff Publication: Process, Remix, Juxtaposition, Assemblage and Selection


SoWJ Senior Lecturer Rupert Loydell has just published a critical paper in answer to the question ‘How the 21st century poet makes poetry out of autobiographical material’ in Axon, an academic journal published by the University of Canberra.

His paper is entitled ‘Process, Remix, Juxtaposition, Assemblage and Selection’ and available at

He introduces the paper by stating that ‘I write about the world and my experience of it by sieving an overload of information and textual material, heard, observed, read and seen. Through selection, editing and re-ordering I assemble narratives that try to make meaning of the world around me and my progression through it. My poems and prose-poems are fictions, there is little sense of ‘personal truth’ or ‘actual experience’ within them, yet their fast-moving and flickering structures seem to approximate how we live today, the effect of being awash in a confusing world where we collaborate with ‘friends’ on the other side of the word but do not know our neighbours. This paper is in part written using the same techniques as my poetry.’