Third Year Trip: Creativity in Eden

Our third years recently had their final year trip, heading to the Eden Project Cornwall for a day of fun, food and creative challenges. 

In the morning we had a series of literary workshops, with topics ranging from how to write from the perspective of plants, to yoga storytelling, to the uncanny in nature, to existential board games. 

In the afternoon, our students had a creative leadership session with the Eden Project team, which included hunting for valuable plant life in an end-of-the-world scenario, and where everyone learned something about their leadership style while building indoor tents and forming 'caveman communities'.

The evening was a three-course dinner with a bit of wine, followed by an open mic session where poetic brilliance and general shenanigans ensued. Boomerang poetry was a running theme, as was collaborative performance. G. Middleton's spoken word poem 'Monumental' made an impact on all, as did Kym Martindale's 'Murmuration'. Much fun was had by all, and students and lecturers alike left with some great memories.

To our amazing third years, best of luck as you prepare for the next big phase. You're such a talented group! 

by Danielle Barrios-O'Neill