Seas Were Made to Be Sailed Across

You look a lot like

When your blood boils down to it, 
you're all
altar-boy back bone mixed with
pub-performing pride. 
Velvet carpets never looked so appealing. 
Your 'dream-bigger' stage. 

Growing has to happen sometime, 
and seas were made to be sailed across but
water tastes better from homebuilt taps. 
August always used to be best
but these days, 
March and April won't stop bickering for your attention. 

You admit, it couldn't be better than this,
but Irish blood will always miss
the sugar,
the sweetness.

So I know you'll go back
look into the glass
filled with black.
Rain is only worth it if it's willing to lash
and you'll drown in it, 
with a content smile,
aging lines placed
delicately either side. 

Because this soil you're sinking in
tastes like
your dad's leftovers
of your mum's cooking
and the sweet shop they ran
next to the front room.

by Saoirse Lennon                               

with27Falmouth SOWJ