Spotify: January Refresh Playlist

In January, we begin to obsessively detox our lives: green and healthy diets, unattainable fitness routines and complicated organisational tactics that rarely last more than a week. Why not start the year with some fresh new music to refresh and replenish your motivations, too? 

A combination of upbeat songs to get your feet moving and some beautiful lyrics to spark your creative imagination, this Spotify playlist is composed entirely of music newly released in 2018 and the tail end of 2017 – new year, new tunes.

In the spotlight: 

London’s Blues - Ferris & Sylvester

This song has a wonderfully jolly and upbeat feel to it, despite the pessimistic lyrics. The folk and Americana styles mesh into something almost impossible to not bop along to - particularly with the contagiously happy hums and clicks. 

It conjures up colourful images of lively city life, maybe the opening credits to the latest London-based, whimsical sit-com (written by you, of course...) 

"Oh isn't she something,
But if you knew what was in her head,
And if there ain't no rest for the wicked
Then she never goes to bed" 

If you like this, try: The Room and Better in Yellow, which are both recent singles, and their new EP is out soon. The deep dusky vocal style is reminiscent of Hozier's Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene


Party Tattoos - dodie

I've followed dodie (not a typo, she stylises it that way!) through YouTube and on social media for a good few years now, and watching her grow as a young artist and find her way as a musician has been truly inspiring. At only 22, she's released 2 EPs and has over a million subscribers on YouTube - certainly something to aspire to. 

Her music is just beautiful. She creates wonderful imagery and conveys deep emotions with the most simple of words, and Party Tattoos is especially soft and gorgeous. Her style and her passion definitely sparks an urge to craft and create. 

"Write a postcard to you at 84
Tell them you'd never dream of living behind the door
Life was fun, full of love, full of hopeful smiles
Bet you wish you were here... but I'll see you in a while." 

If you like this, try: For a similarly deep, dark and soft vibe, try Intertwined and Sick of Losing Soulmates, or In the Middle for something a little more upbeat and funky. 


Hand it Over - MGMT

This track is a soft and oddly relaxing pick, good for letting your mind wander and explore on a long bus journey or walk by the sea. It's gentle enough to make good study music for late-night cram sessions, too. 


"If we lose our touch it won't mean much,
If everyone's confused,
Which door do we open?" 


If you like this, try: This song is very similar to Tame Impala's Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, and also reminds me somewhat of the Juno soundtrack, which is beautifully put together and one of my favourite albums as background music for relaxing, doodling and scribbling in the evenings. You might also enjoy Wildwind by Young Dreams, which is also on the playlist.


Push Me to My Limit - Rae Morris

This song is gorgeous. It's soft and gentle, but has wondrously powerful lyrics, exploring personal strength. It serves as a reminder to stand tall and to stay true to yourself - an important notion at any time of year but particularly in the New Year. The world may feel as though it needs you to change in a whirlwind of good intentions, resolutions and self-improvement, but be sure to root yourself somewhere and never lose who you are. 


"We are in an age of losing
All the mayhem we are choosing
To compete in, under jealous sky" 


If you like this, try: Rae Morris was a brand new find for me, but in my exploration of her work I particularly enjoyed this remix of Love Again ft. Clean Bandit. 

by Maisie Prudames