Dear Graduates, Keslowena!


Keslowena, Onen Hag Oll! 

To celebrate our students’ graduation on overcast Thursday July 18th, we asked the staff of the School of Writing and Journalism to send them a message. Below you can find a collection of them.

We are so proud and happy for all of you. Massive congratulations from all of us at SOWJ! Keslowena!

Adriana and Kevin win the ‘Best Graduation Photo’ award in the Italian Gardens at Penryn Campus.

Adriana and Kevin win the ‘Best Graduation Photo’ award in the Italian Gardens at Penryn Campus.

Huge congratulations to you all today! You’ve achieved so much. It’s been a pleasure to watch you find your own voices and paths over the last few years – thank you for being such a wonderful set of students. My only advice is don’t worry if you have no idea what you want to do with your life - it doesn’t matter. Just put energy into what you love, try to find a way to pay the bills and work the rest out as you go - it’s all just a work in progress.
— Amy Greenhough
Writing to you from the North, to say so very well done on the completion of your degrees. I’m sorry not to have been with you at graduation where I know you’ll have enjoyed cream teas, fair rides, ice cream, your very own queen Dawn, and all the fabulousness of the day when you celebrate your amazing achievements with your friends and families. You were the first cohort that I welcomed as freshers while Head of English and Creative Writing, and now you have graduated! I know that you’ve been in excellent hands this year with your brilliant new Head, Jen, and the wonderful team of academic staff who have supported you and taught you all that they know. Now it’s time to fly and shape the future of whatever industry or profession you make your own. Be honest, be gracious, be as smart as I know you all are, and above all, be yourselves, because the world is waiting for each one of you to make your mark. With best wishes
— Niamh
You did it! You graduated. You totally did university like the academic champions you are.

To misquote Dr. Peter Venkman: ’You came. You saw. You kicked its ass!’

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, to work with you and to laugh with you. I had the privilege of reading your work first.

You are young and talented and brilliant and have the world at your feet. You…are making me feel depressed now. Sigh.

Go and make wonderful things happen. The future is yours!

— Craig Barr-Green
What a joy it was to see all these journeys come to this stage. A moving, lovely day. Huge congratulations to all of our graduates! We are humbled by your ingenuity, creativity and the kind, interesting people that you are. I can’t wait to see what you go on to achieve after Falmouth. Do stay in touch and come by for a cuppa in The Lighthouse now and then. You will always be part of our community
— Sherezade Garcia Rangel
Many congratulations to all our new graduates. Let this great achievement propel you into the next chapter. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
— Amy Lilwall
The current graduates of the School of Writing and Journalism are some of the brightest, most creative and talented undergraduates I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching. I was daily surprised and impressed by the openness they had when approaching all things literary. You have been bold, willing to try, challenge, critique and try again; you have been willing to rethink genres and conventions, learning their boundaries so you can redefine those boundaries; you have been devoted lovers of ‘the classics’, and also irreverently joined the next generation of literary makers. You are amazing, and I’m humbled.
— Danielle Barrios-O'Neill
The Academic Platform Party

The Academic Platform Party

Take some time to revel in your success – you’ve done an amazing thing! Enjoy your summers and please stay in touch. The Lighthouse is always your Falmouth home so come back to see us!
— Jennifer Young

by the Falwriting Staff Team