Events: Feccles Drama Society Presents Harvey

Feccles Drama Society presents their next production this weekend. "Harvey" will be performed at The Poly, Falmouth, from the 25th-27th May. It's a brilliant play featuring many SOWJ students (some for their last ever performance in Falmouth). Performances start at 7pm and tickets are only £4 for students, available from The Poly website or on the door.

Here is a bit more info about the play:

It is 1944 and Elwood P. Dowd, an amicable middle aged man, is, as ever, looking to make new friends. He is kindly to all he meets and strikes most as charming. The majority of people don’t manage to maintain their friendship with him, however, due to the fact that his BEST friend is seven foot one and half inch tall rabbit named Harvey. Who nobody else can see. When his sister tries to have him committed to the local sanatorium, a hilarious farce comedy ensues, exploring mental health issues in a surprisingly sensitive manner along the way.

Mary Chase's 1944 play has rooted itself in our imagination - inspiring such films as 'Donnie Darko' - and carries a powerful message regarding our perception of mental health. Though times have changed, mental health treatment is an increasingly discussed topic, particularly in the face of widespread cuts. It just might be that Chase can tell us something about our own time - something Feccles invites you to hear.

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