Peripheral Vision

cole 1.jpg


"This is amazing," said a friend of mine, as someone took our picture. What I can remember of us standing in front of Victoria Falls is extraordinary. I haven't experienced anything like it since.

I'm not too keen on having my photo taken most of time, but I had to make an exception here. I wanted to have this memory captured, something for me to always look back on. This was the last time, I saw most of these people as we went to different colleges. Our last big hoorah before we came back to England with our parents waiting for us at the Arrivals bay.


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Bogart (not Humphrey)

Tate Modern, 2017 - in front of Bram Bogart's White Plane White. The experience should've be one of intent studying and appropriate appreciation. And if we had done that, maybe we would have felt inspired by Bogart's work. But instead, we took this opportunity to understand another man. A man who goes by Wilson Fisk  (a comic supervillain who appeared in Season 1 of Netflix's Daredevil, for those who do not recognize the name). We asked ourselves, in the spirit of Fisk's relationship to a painting of similar characteristics, "What kind of man do you want to be?"  



Night Walking

Tuesday evening. Cold and wet. I just needed to take a walk. Go past the pub, past the harbour and down the hill. I'm walking with such intensity, as if I've got somewhere to be. I'm in my own world, not really paying attention to what's surrounding me – a part from the cars passing me by – That's when I see him. We stop, have a brief conversation, exchanging the regular pleasantries and then I continue on my journey. Not with anywhere particular in mind.