Authors I Love, by Charlie Bown

Graduate Charlotte Bown on the books that float her boat.

It’s very rare for me to find an author I love for a long period of time but when I do I love them wholeheartedly. Usually, I tend to just read a book and think, ‘yes absolutely loved this’ or ‘it was okay but not the best,’ so for me when I find an author whose work makes me feel warm a fuzzy and makes me want to cry and laugh all at once, I hold them in my heart forever. So here they are; the very few authors who I can’t get enough of.


The Chronicles of Narnia series, was the first series I ever read and I have been in love with C.S.Lewis and his work ever since. His creativity and world building never fails to take me on a journey and escape the world for a few hours which is always something I look for in a book....

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