10 Things to do before you’re 21 ¾

Inspired by the National Trust’s challenge to kids aged 11/3/4 and under, we created our very own green provocation – but for millennials.



1 Explore Cheddar Gorge and the Mendip Hills, Somerset

Take a road trip to with your mates to The Mendip Hills for a taste of adventure. There’s plenty of walks as well as opportunities to get stuck into climbing and caving expeditions. #HeadLampSelfie anyone?

For fans of ghost stories, the caves here were the inspiration for author Wyl Menmuir’s latest short story, ‘In Dark Places’. It’ll also be hosting the  South West Outdoors Festival this September, where glamping offers an alternative to less adventurous millennials.

2 Stargaze at Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Grab your prosecco and blankets and head to the borders. Spend the day walking and taking in history, then spend the night staring up at the brilliant clear skies. Think about how small we all are, and how beautiful the night is, and whether you could quit university to become a nature ranger.

3 Stroll through the enchanted Ashridge Forest, Hertfordshire

Ashridge Forest boasts its very own carpet of bluebells in the spring, and was used as a set for Into the Woods, Les Miserables and even the Harry Potter series. Bring a picnic to have in the meadows and meet the resident wild deer. Prongs?

4 Surf at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

Made famous by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Freshwater West is a beautiful endless sandy beach, known for being one of the best surfing spots in Wales. Come and try out this exhilarating water sport, explore the rock pools or get stuck into some super-fresh seafood at Café Môr.
Or, if your surf style is more Bumble and Bumble than Hawaii 5-0, just rock up, strike a pose and watch the gorgeous surfers do their thing.

5 Watch outdoor theatre at Dunster Castle, Somerset

Your old English teacher would be proud. So cultured. Boasting subtropical gardens and a working watermill, this castle is the perfect place not only to spend a day out, but to enjoy the likes of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Austen’s Pride and Prejudice performed in the castle grounds. Optional: Pimms and a barbeque.

6 Find inspiration at Batemans, East Sussex

Fake adulthood for a few hours in the house that once belonged to Rudyard Kipling. Enjoy the calm grounds and book-lined rooms, and maybe, what’s more, you’ll be a man my son… Or maybe not.

7 Walk the Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Step in the feet of giants by walking the Giant’s Causeway. Watch the sun set over the natural basalt columns. This world-renowned landscape will leave you speechless. It is obligatory to stomp, but good etiquette not to put your friends stomping onto YouTube.

 8 Visit the towering Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire

The fifteenth-century, six storey castle rises above its surroundings, with panoramic views of the Lincolnshire Fens and nearby lakes. Indulge your Game of Thrones fantasies or simply take a stroll through the grounds and see the ruins.

9 Discover the entrance to the bat cave at Osterley, London

Osterley was featured in The Dark Knight Rises, and is home to the infamous bat cave. Explore the mansion to find the secret passage, and take in the rich and eerie surroundings at the same time.

10 Go camping with The National Trust

For a low/ no cash holiday The National Trust have a bunch of options, including camping pods, caravan sites or good old fashioned tents. The Lake District sites not only have beautiful walks but plenty of activities for the more adventurous, from cycling to water sports. Cheap and cheerful, and hopefully more Ray Mears than Bear Grylls, but take an extra water bottle just in case.