BBC Michael Palin Documentary, Written/Directed by Eleanor Yule

Eleanor Yule's 2015 documentary Michael Palin's Quest for Artemesia is, for a short time, available on BBC iPlayer.

From the BBC website:

Curious about a powerful but violent painting that caught his eye, Michael Palin sets off on a quest to discover the astonishing story of the forgotten female artist who painted it over 400 years ago. Travelling to Italy in search of Artemisia Gentileschi’s tale, Michael encounters her work in Florence, Rome and Naples.

”Michael unearths not only her paintings but a complex life which included her rape as a teenager and the ensuing indignity of a full trial, her life as a working mother and her ultimate success against all odds as one of the greatest painters of the Baroque age who transformed the way women were depicted in art and who was sought after in many courts across 17th-century Europe.

Dr Eleanor Yule is a Lecturer in Creative Screenwriting who teaches on our English & Creative Writing courses.