HUMAN: A Photo Essay

A story of beautiful vulnerability from third year Lydia Hounat.

HUMAN is a photographic project which explores vulnerability across a diverse range of people living and working in Falmouth. As a photographer and writer I wanted to explore the routines of human beings, make then answerable to me, and allow them space to resign to me both mentally and emotionally. Albert Camus once said that 'Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is'. With my humans I attempted to discover what people really were, alone, or with an individual that they could depend on with their life.

These photos, taken over three months, document my relationship with 17 models in an effort to capture their humanity as expressed in vulnerable moments. They were all almost strangers to me in the beginning. By the end of a shoot, we were friends. The series draws upon various tensions and a great diversity including the stories of couples, diverse genders and sexualities, introverts and extroverts, and people from a variety of races and faiths. I learnt what it felt like to be somebody else, if just for a few hours. 

In the end, all these people taught me more about myself through my endeavours to know them. Each shoot was so different. Each person was so different.  I'd like to think that this is demonstrated in these photos. You can view the HUMAN story in full on my website, here.

By Lydia Hounat