Making the MA Flexible: Writing for Script & Screen, Online

Beginning in May 2017, Falmouth University will be offering a new course: the Online Master of Arts degree in Writing for Script and Screen will help develop students' screenwriting skills through creative practice and theory--with the entire degree executed online.

Offering maximum flexibility, the Script and Screen MA will allow students to build their professional portfolios in a way that can accommodate non-traditional students or those studying from almost anywhere in the world.

The outcome of the course will be new expertise in writing for film, gaming and online media. It is also suitable as a bridge course for those who wish to move from an English or Creative Writing background into a more specialised area of writing and/or research. 

But why choose to start a Master’s online, over face-to-face tutoring? Online-based courses have recently flourished due to their ease and flexibility--the fact that you can earn a degree through a course that fits into your lifestyle. This is why Falmouth offers several Flexible Learning courses, all of which result in internationally recognised qualifications. 

The MA for Script and Screen will offer unique internet-based tuition approaches, in partnership with Cambridge Education Group. Interaction is key; using the university’s learning portal, class discussions and tutorials will be available. Students will be encouraged to critique each other’s writing whilst also working independently to self-evaluate.

According to the course leader John Finnegan,

Throughout the course students will learn how to develop both small and larger script projects, collaborating with others and working individually. Group learning activities provide a space for interaction, dialogue and debate, reflection and critical feedback.

John has worked in the film and media industry for over ten years, particularly focusing on documenting environmental issues. His broad experiences encompass short films, visual effects and even video game production.

"Writers of high quality content and good storytellers are always in demand in the creative industries," John explains. "Scriptwriting for multiple platforms plays an essential role in the creative and digital economy--this is a growing area, and a marketable set of skills."

Also contributing to the course will be Eleanor Yule, who holds a long list of recognised media nominations and awards and a passion for transmedia storytelling. The course coordinator Helen Shipman has taught both undergraduate and MA levels for over twenty years.

Successful candidates will emerge from the course with a glowing portfolio and the industry knowhow to boost their careers into the screen-based realm. The course aims to create outstanding graduates who can work well in professional, multi-media environments.

The first modules will begin in May 2017.

by Holly Challinor