Punky stuff from Rupert Loydell and Kingsley Marshall


Rupert Loydell and Kingsley Marshall's third collaborative paper on the work of Brian Eno, 'Inside the Box: Brian Eno & Touchscreen Generative Music' will be published this autumn in a special themed edition of  the journal Musicology Research, a two volume publication on 'Music on Screen: From Cinema Screens to Touchscreens'.  

Their article considers how Eno has used simple but innovative ideas, programmes and processes to inform his films, apps and installation work, and how they have been disseminated. Avoiding spectacle, noise and complexity, Eno and his collaborators, has produced an array of intriguing and engaging art works. Previous papers by the duo have been presented at Roehampton University and the 'Music and the Moving Image' conference in New York, and published in the Journal of Visual Arts Culture and the Bloomsbury book Brian.Eno: Oblique Music.


Rupert has also written a solo paper about Eno and remixology which was published in the Journal of Writing in Creative Art Practice, and has three new interviews forthcoming in the Intellect journal Punk & Post-Punk. A new edition before Christmas 2017 sees Rupert question author Jeanette Leech about her recent critical book Fearless: the Making of  Post-Rock, and Dick Witts about his life as a musician in The Passage, being an author, and about his current practice and pedagogy as a music lecturer at Edge Hill University.

The piece also includes discussion about Witts' new book of lyrics, photos and memorabilia, The Passage: Post-Punk Poets, which was published earlier this year by Eyewear. In the Spring 2018 issue, which has a D.I.Y. theme, Rupert has interviewed Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire, the influential electronic post-punk band who drew on the writing of William Burroughs, using collage and cut-up to produce their lyrics and videos. Mal is now an academic in Brighton and discusses how Cabaret Voltaire went from budget home-made recordings and artwork to becoming a pioneering electrofunk group signed to Virgin and other majors, as well as his new group Wrangler, and his work lecturing on both Sound Art and Fine Art Practice.