Meredith Miller: Two Novels

Next year sees two new publications from Meredith Miller, lecturer on our Creative Writing degrees and Course Coordinator for the MA in Professional Writing. 


How We Learned to Lie is described as another American gothic novel, set in the same landscape as Little Wrecks; this second and final Highbone novel is a story about two childhood friends and the year in which the world forces them apart. It's about addiction, violence, racism, truth, lies and love. Harper are set to publish this in July 2018.

Also forthcoming, in A History of the Bildungsroman (Cambridge University Press, 2018), edited by Sarah Graham, is Meredith's chapter, 'Narrating the Sexual Self: Lesbian, Gay and Trans Bildungsromane'.  Here, Meredith traces the development of contemporary narratives of sexual identity back to the nineteenth-century bildungsroman.  


The chapter looks at the generic relationship between fictional realism and historical time, and the manner in which this relationship both informs and contradicts modernist concerns with self and subjectivity in prose fiction. Meredith asks: How do these relationships structure the way in which we use fictional narratives to project and develop our own concerns with  gendered sexual identity? How has the history of large and small press publishing facilitated and undermine so-called marginal narratives of sexual identity?