Festival Work Opportunities

Organisers of both The Penzance Literary Festival and Fowey Festival for Arts are looking for students wishing to gain real like experience of Festival organization and delivery, this Summer.


The Fowey Festival for Arts, 12th-19th May 2018 http://www.foweyfestival.com/ is looking for 6 - 7 students who would like to get involved with the Festival and gain work experience in a variety of roles before, during, and after the events.

Pre-festival work opportunities can attract those of you interested in design, marketing, and publishing careers, with tasks that may include:

  • Preparing materials such as leaflets and flyers for publicizing the event
  • Contributing to the public profile and promotion of the Festival via social media and other PR strategies
  • Researching literary (e.g. Daphne Du Maurier) and historical (public history and heritage relevant to Fowey) aspects of the Festival, and based on research, designing posters and display materials for the events
  • Administrative tasks, such as creating rotas and liaising with the festival organisers, attending board meetings and getting an insight into the organisation of charity work

During the Festival, you can be involved in a variety of roles and team-work, ranging from stewardship and hospitality services, to social media support, supporting children’s awards, and shadowing the Director of the Festival. 

 Post-festival roles might include data analysis, report writing, and feedback evaluation.

While your work will be on a voluntary basis, your accommodation (for those of you interested in working during the Festival) will be provided for.

The Festival’s success relies on the initiative, reliability, and creativity of its volunteers, and the flexible and welcoming nature of the organisers will allow you to bring all your enthusiasm, talents, and skills to the table, and to even create new roles/activities that the organisers might not have considered. They are very open to ideas, and you can use that to your advantage and become as involved as you like in order to build a strong portfolio and contacts for the future.

Those of you wishing to work on pre-Festival activities will have to prepare materials in March/April.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Festival Trustee, Gail McLean directly on gs.mclean@btinternet.com or 01726 833639


The Penzance Literary Festival http://www.pzlitfest.co.uk/ which runs 5-9th July 2018 is also looking for students to support their event and assist with a wide range of roles such as photography, PR, social media blogging and being a physical presence at the venues. This is another great opportunity to gain real life experience of Festival organisation and delivery.

If you are interested, please contact Paul Hunter on stewards@pzlitfest.co.uk

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