10 PhD positions in Humanities, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


From https://www.timeshighereducation.com/unijobs/listing/62230/phd-position-in-humanities/

The Faculty of Humanities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology invites applications for up to ten PhD-positions. The employment will be for a period of three years without required duties or up to four years with 25 per cent set aside for such duties, depending on the Department’s needs.

The positions are open to applicants from all academic research areas within the Faculty of Humanities. The applicant must detail the project’s affiliation to existing research groups at the Faculty of Humanities, NTNU. The application must also contain the name of the intended main supervisor. The main supervisor must be employed at one of the Faculty’s departments and fulfill the requirements for supervising at the doctoral level. We recommend that applicants get in touch with the research group and potential supervisors early in the process.

The successful applicants must complete their PhD studies within the period of the employment. The Faculty of Humanities hosts five PhD-programmes: Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Humanities and the Arts, Language and Linguistics, Historical and Cultural Studies and Audiovisual Media (joint degree with Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences). The programme description for the PhD-programmes details which disciplines are included in the different programmes: https://www.ntnu.edu/hf/research/postgraduate. Applicants must indicate which PhD programme they will be applying to, but shall not fill out an application to the programme.

The applicants must document high academic potential through the research proposal. The research proposal is a vital part of evaluating the applicants. It is important that the project is feasible within the nominal length of study, which is three years full time, with ½ year set aside for coursework.

Applicants must have completed at least five years of higher education including a master’s degree (or equivalent degree), with a strong academic record. This includes a weighted average grade of B or higher in terms of NTNU’s grading scale for the last two years of their master’s. The completion time of the master’s degree will also be taken into account. Strategic considerations will be an important part of the selection process.

Submit the application electronically through www.jobbnorge.no marked with HF-17-041, with the following attachments (preferably gathered in one attached pdf- document):

  • Description of the research project to be carried out during the employment period (see the following guidelines for research proposals: www.ntnu.edu/hf/phd/project-description).
  • Scanned copies of certificates (originals must be produced at the interview)
  • List of publications

Please note: Applications that are not sent through www.jobbnorge.no or sent past application deadline will not be considered.

Applicants under consideration for the positions will be asked for references and invited to an interview.

Further details about the positions can be obtained from the Head of the Research Section Hanne Siri Sund (phone 73 59 66 30 or email hanne.siri.sund@ntnu.no). Academic questions may be directed to the Head of the related PhD-programme. See the programme’s web pages for contact information.

The position is remunerated according to the Basic Collective Agreement for state employees code 1017, salary level 50 in the national salary scheme, gross NOK 436 900,- annually, of which 2 per cent is deducted for the State Pension scheme.

The appointments will be made in accordance with the current regulations for fellowship appointments at universities. A contract will be drawn up detailing the period of appointment and any required duties.

The successful applicants must comply with the current terms for government employees. The primary work place will be at one of the Faculty’s departments. The employee must be present at and available for the institution.

The national labor force should reflect the total composition of the population as much as possible. It is therefore a matter of official policy to work towards a balanced work force with regard to gender and cultural diversity. People with an immigrant background are therefore specifically encouraged to apply for the positions. 

The application deadline is October 15, 2017.