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Dr Danielle Barrios-O'Neill

Danielle is a Senior Lecturer in English & Publishing. She does research in technology & games, as well as emerging practices in art and literature. Danielle is a general editor of the site. Contact Danielle

David Devanny

David is a Lecturer in English, Writing and Publishing. He's a poet and a multimedia artist, and co-runs the specialist poetry publishing house The New Fire Tree Press. David is a general editor of the site. Contact David.


Rupert Wallis

Rupert is a Lecturer in Creative Writing. he has published two YA books to date, The Dark Inside and All Sorts of Possible, and his new novel for children will be published in August this year. Rupert is the editor for Comment pieces. Contact Rupert.


Rupert Loydell

Rupert is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and a poet. He was the managing editor of Stride Books from 1981 to 2011, and continues to edit Stride magazine online. Rupert is the editor for new work. Contact Rupert.

Dr Kym Martindale

Kym is a Senior Lecturer in English and Writing, as well as a poet. Her research interests include place, landscape and legacies of Romanticism. Kym is the editor for Research. Contact Kym

Jerome Fletcher

Jerome is an Associate Professor of Performance Writing. He has written digital texts, children’s books and literary concept books. His research is in digital writing and performance. Jerome is the editor for the Podcast. Contact Jerome


Amy Hardman

Amy is a first year on the BA Honours English course. She's interested in teaching, editing and publishing--not necessarily in that order. 


Adriana Ciontea

Adriana is a first year on the BA Honours Creative Writing course. She hopes to go into editing or publishing, as well as being a creative writer.


Lydia Hounat

Lydia is a second year on the BA Honours English with Creative Writing course. After university she's hoping to do an MA abroad. Lydia is interested in photography, and helps run a magazine in New York.


Honeysuckle Troubridge

Honeysuckle is a first year on the BA Honours English course. She's currently interested in archiving and editing. 


Gabby Willcocks

Gabby is a first year on the BA Honours English course. She enjoys spending as much time outdoors as she does in the library, and her love of reading is matched only by her love of cooking. Her other hobbies include climbing, frequenting coffee shops, and arguing bigots into silence.


Holly Challinor

Holly is on the Professional Writing MA. She has a keen interest in writing both screenwriting and non-fiction. She completed her Photography BA in 2016 and aims to combine the two practices within her work.


Dominic Smyth

Dominic Smyth is a first year student in English and Creative Writing. He likes to write short fiction, adventure stories and songs. He also makes music.